Nigerian songstress, Simi released her DUDUKE music video on YouTube about a year ago.

The song enjoyed massive play on the various platforms and the views it has garnered on YouTube is quite overwhelming.

As we speak, the views it has on YouTube is over 30 million and upon seeing this, the musician has reacted to it.

Sharing a video thanking her fans and followers for their support, she wrote;

“i wish there were something bigger than “thank you”, so i could say it to you 🎉 #duduke #simiarmy”

The musician in an earlier post she made advised parents to hake it a habit to be intentional about their use of social media, for themselves and most importantly, for their children.

Her post reads;

“Make it a habit to be intentional about your use of social media. For yourself and most importantly, for your children. Don’t just plop an ipad in front of ur babies and them with it for hours because it let you work done. Careful what they watch, what shows are suggested to them, the Ads they see etc. don’t put that on autopilot. Do research and take the time u need to do it and do it. The early days are the most important for their minds.”