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Latest Airtel 1gb For N300 Browsing Trick
By on September 23rd, 2020.

The 1GB the use of N300 On Airtel design is a
social diagram that works on apps like Facebook,
Twitter, Skype, BBM, 2go, etc. Its bundle also
works on Opera Mini, however it doesn’t
download massive files. Well, i’m here right
now with a working trick that will allow you
use Airtel 1gb for 300naira social
bundle to down load giant files on Opera
Airtel 1GB For N300
Subscription Code

Remember, on default, this Airtel social
bundle works on more than a few popular social
network apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc. It
also works on Opera Mini, and it really is great,
but customers can not download file above 5MB or
However, with the below trick, you will be able
to down load giant files of any measurement through
Opera Mini the use of the N300 Airtel social
Our important purpose right here is to use the 1gb to
download giant files, and considering we can use
this facts to Facebook, 2go, tweet, Instagram,
ping and browse on operamini. We have a
chance to do some damages . Follow the
steps cautiously please:
How to Use Airtel 1GB
For N300 To
Download Large Files

1. Firstly, down load opera mini 7.5, install
and launch the app, but do not set anything,
just go down and faucet on save.
2.Now flip on your statistics and browse out
the file you wish to download.

3. In the down load page, locate the file’s
download hyperlink (like under image). Tap and
hold the link, then click on ‘open in new tab,’
BUT DON’T visit the new tab.

4.Immediately you click on on open in new tab,
quickly faucet on reload (remember, you’re still
in the first page).

5.Before the page reloading ends, the other
tab you in the past opened will pop up your
download options, asking you to either save
or cancel.

6.Again, DON’T rush! wait for the page to
finish reloading, then you can now hit the
SAVE button.
Please follow the directions carefully like it
is from JAMB. Where I say don’t rush, please
don’t, until the down load will be disrupted.
So it’s it Techpaddicts, kindly share and
comment if you have any questions,
contributions or for thanksgiving. Lol

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