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Do you need to sell your songs hugely on-line and to hit a Targeted Audience? 9JABEE have to be the primary marketplace area you’ll ever assume of.

We have exposed alot of hidden expertise each in Nigeria and throughout other’s Nation.

9jabee.com is a huge marketplace Place to Advertise,Promote and to get the proper Audience you’re looking for.

Reasons You Should Promote Your Music/Video On 9jabee.com

1.Your Song/Video may be uploaded on 9jabee.com with every day pages perspectives of 5k_8k perspectives.

2. Your tune/video can be uploaded on 9jabee.com and additionally shared to our diverse social media systems a good way to generate you with lots of perspectives and down load.

3.Your music/video will now no longer handiest be on 9jabee.com however others web website online that reproduction from us can be granted the get right of entry to to have your songs / video promoted with them too and also you be on our Hottest Artist of the month.


Below are the lively applications we provide on 9jabee.com and you’re predicted to make your numerous choices.

Basic Plans: On our primary plans you’ll revel in alot of reductions and advertising examine to others platform. Your music will benefit get right of entry to to not anything much less than 30k downloads plus 1weeks social media replace for the price of 10k(Negotiable).

Pro/Standard Plans: Choosing this plans is one of the very fine preference any artist could make in time period of huge advertising, a good way to provide your tune to advantage over 30_50 heaps down load in a months and over 360_600 Thousands down load in an entire complete year, which includes 10 others webweb sites, together along with your social media handles promoting in order to uncovered you hugely to the world. This provide is excellent for the sum of 20k.

Max Unlimited Plans: In M.U.P, You might be given a 2 months limitless tune/video promoting each on this 9jabee nd other’s pinnacle track webweb sites in Nigeria. Your tune may be located on our Hottest Songs for two months in order to generate you with not anything much less than 10k downloads every day and 310 heaps in a months with 200k video perspectives advertising on our FB page. This Offer Is Best For The Sum of 50k. (Recommend For Record Labels Too)


Choosing Our Plans Is Very Easy, After Making Choices, Contact Us With Any Of This Means Below!!


Email @ [email protected]

WhatsApp 👉 09090753880

Twitter 👉  9jabee


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